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Language and Multimodal Analysis Laboratory, LAMAL








Language and Multimodal Analysis Laboratory(LMAL) is attached to the Department of English, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Multimodal discourse analysis is concerned with meaning making mechanisms in social semiotic resources such as language, visual image and sound, as well as the communicative purpose, strategy and effect of multi-semiotic choices. Multimodal discourse analysis is a cutting-edge multi-disciplinary research field, which is relevant to different disciplines such as education, media, advertising, design, architecture and so on.


LMAL is dedicated to develop theories and methods for linguistic and multimodal discourse analysis. The lab collects multimodal data such as texts, images, sounds, videos and annotates the data using multimodal analytical methods. The annotated multimodal corpus can provide empirical basis for theory development, language learning and teaching, as well as theoretical tools for developing cultural creative industries. The lab also studies socially significant linguistic and multimodal discourse, for example, national image and TV advertisements from a social semiotic perspective, with the aim of systematically modelling the semiotic discursive mechanisms at work and providing practical advice to media industries.


LMAL also aims to strengthen the connection and cooperation with universities in the Pearl River Delta region and even in other regions across China in the fields of scientific research and education. LMALwill be active in research throughapplying for national, provincial and municipal research grants. Meanwhile, LMAL will provideEnglish language education and training services to local professionals and those from around the country by means of postgraduate programs, teacher training and development project, applied linguistics workshops, English courses for the professionalsand other English related training programs.